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Cloud Storage Server

The PACS system, independently developed by LargeV, and compatible with international standard DICOM3.0, is a high-speed, stable and safe data transmission solution for medical institutions. Following years of continuous research and development, the system has been upgraded to support not only multi-terminal data transmission within the LAN (up to 400 computers deployed on-site), but also cloud storage expansion.

NAS Intelligent Network Storage System (hereinafter referred to as NAS Server) is a hardware and software integration solution launched by LargeV Instrument to solve the problem of large-capacity image on-site storage for customers. With SmartV software, the data can be stored on an industrial-grade storage server, with scalable storage capacity and high security.

— Plug and play, automatic backup

— Support multiple devices to backup data simultaneously

— The high compression rate algorithm improves the space utilization and compresses the data to 40%

— View picture software easily docking real-time server access to data

— Low power consumption, strong anti-interference

— The built-in system disk is independent of the data disk

— RAID to improve data security

— Watchdog, auto reset, break point continuation

Through the cloud storage server, data sharing can be realized. The scheme has the following characteristics:

Data cloud centralized storage, data backup and sharing

Capacity allocation is not restricted by physical hard disks

Easy to manage, safe and reliable

Users can share patient image reports with patients and other doctors through the WeChat public account. The patient views their individual diagnosis report by scanning the QR code via WeChat on their mobile phone.

NAS Storage VS Cloud Storage

Cloud storage in cloud computing refers to the application via cluster, grid technology or distributed file systems, and other functions, of a network of various types of storage devices set up by applying the software to work together, providing common external access to the data storage and business functions of a system.

Data Storage Sharing System


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