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Largev promises to properly manage and protect the personal information provided by users in terms of collection, use and storage in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, so as to prevent the loss, theft or tampering of users' personal information. Any user (including anonymous user and registered user) must read this statement carefully before using the website, accepting the services of the website, browsing the website information and registering as a user of the website. By visiting the website, using the website in various ways and accepting the services of the website, users indicate that they have read and understood this statement in detail and will be deemed to have accepted the entire content of this statement without objection and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this statement.

Directions for use

You may choose to browse and use the website as an anonymous user and obtain the website information; You can also choose to browse and use some service items in the website as a registered user after submitting your personal information. In order to provide a more perfect and high-quality service, the service items will explain the reason and purpose of use. Please read carefully and choose to register or refuse.

The personal information we have collected includes your name, telephone number and region, etc. Please provide your accurate, true and complete information according to your service requirements to avoid failure to serve you due to errors, inaccuracies or incomplete information.

Privacy protection

This website will take a reasonable and secure way to protect your personal information, only for the designated scope of services, if there is a new service items, we will inform you in advance of the purpose of use, to seek your personal opinion to accept or refuse.

We will store your personal information securely and will not provide it in any way to unrelated third parties (including companies and individuals) unless required by law or government.

Statement of changes

The website reserves the right to suspend the services of the website without prior notice for maintenance, upgrading or other reasonable purposes. The declaration, modification, update and final interpretation of this website belong to largev instrument. If there is any update, modification or adjustment, we will timely update and share the statement to the bottom of the website, and adjust the version number, please check the update regularly. If you continue to use the site after any changes are published, you agree to abide by any such changes.

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